Stethen-Smith Construction prides itself on building trust-driven relationships with clients.

In 1989, Stethen Construction Company was established by Doug Stethen.  Stethen Construction quickly grew in reputation within the East Tennessee area, and soon became known as a premier contractor, specializing in Church construction.  Meanwhile, in 1996, Sam Smith began H.S. Smith Constructors and one year later the two companies would merge to create Stethen-Smith Construction Company.  The shared values and desire to perform high quality work resulted in an ideal partnership between Doug and Sam.  Shortly after the merger, Doug would retire to raise horses on his farm and Sam assumed sole ownership and leadership of Stethen-Smith Construction.

 Since this time, Stethen-Smith Construction has continued the dedication and commitment to quality in which the firm was founded upon.  The company has intentionally positioned its company size to remain large enough to provide all the services a client might need, yet small enough to give each project the priority it deserves, keeping overhead costs less than larger contractors.

President and Owner Sam Smith graduated from The University of Tennessee with a degree in Industrial Engineering and since the company’s inception has remained in the Knoxville area, thus retaining the same values and sense of community that he began with originally.

Stethen-Smith Construction prides itself on building trust-driven relationships with clients.  Stethen-Smith Construction is an open shop contractor that uses qualified, insured subcontractors.  The company self-performs approximately 30% of its work which greatly increases the efficiency on the job and helps to alleviate bottlenecks.  Over the years it has maintained a quality staff of superintendents and craftsmen with a wide range of experiences in all phases of construction.

If you are looking for help with a project, please give us a call.  We would be happy to speak with you, your development team or your Church planning committee.  We look forward to working with and assisting you in realizing your construction aspirations.